Did You Know Those Decorative Patterns on Your Mattress are There for a Reason?

Have you ever wondered what the decorative patterns on your mattress are? Those are part of the mattress cover called ticking. If you go shopping for a new mattress, you’ll observe that they come in various patterns and color. In fact, Bed Times Magazine says that the 21st Century style of ticking has become more of a fashion statement.

But why bother putting all the effort in designing a mattress that will just be covered by a bed sheet?

Although it may seem as if manufacturers do it just for aesthetic purposes, there are in fact, some good reasons for incorporating them in mattresses. Here are three things that a ticking may be useful for:

Keeps the mattress content together

The main purpose of a ticking is to keep the contents of the mattress intact and whole. That’s why the outer cover must be tough and tear resistant— to help maintain the shape of the mattress despite everyday use.

The typical fabrics used in a tickling are often made from polyester or polypropylene, while the more budget-friendly ones make use of stitch bond fabrics. For better quality tickling, there are available types that are woven or knitted using firm cotton yarns.

Adds to a longer shelf life

If the mattress’ fabric is weak, the mattress may not be able to last long. A good quality ticking protects it from extreme light exposure, solvents, and other strong chemicals that may damage the materials used inside the mattress.

There are also some manufacturers who offer special tickings made from materials that are anti-dust and allergen, anti-bacterial, as well as water and stain-resistant.

Encourages a better sleep experience

Depending on the type of fabric used, the ticking may also help ensure the breathability of the mattress’ different layers. In fact, popular high-end mattresses nowadays are also using fabrics that help regulate moisture and temperature.

Aside from that, there are also performance fabrics that allow you to feel more comfortable and cooler while you sleep. These types of tickling absorb body perspiration through the fabric and then allow it to evaporate in the air.

Sure, it is nice to have a mattress that looks appealing and feels good when you touch it. But at the end of the day, there are far more important factors to consider. The most crucial aspects that you should look for in a mattress is the level of comfort and support that it can provide you when you sleep. As long as the fabrics used are made from high quality and durable woven or knit materials, the decorative patterns are just a plus.