DIY Ways to Get Rid of Bedbugs in Your Mattress

Bed bugs have always been a common house pest worldwide and getting rid of them is never an easy task. Not only are they good at hiding, but they can spread pretty quickly as well. So, how do you treat a bedbug-infested mattress? Here are several things you need to do:


  • Identify which rooms are infested. Although bugs are usually found in bedrooms, they also love to settle in other places, particularly in the living room sofa, upholstered chairs, etc.
  • Determine the extent of the infestation. Examine other adjoining rooms as well. Bed bugs multiply and spread quickly in search for food.
  • Remove clutter in the bedbug infested room to make treatment easier. Just be sure to move items carefully as you can also transfer bed bugs to another room.
  • Check all the furniture in the infested room and pull them away from the walls. Bed bugs may also hide under wall cracks and floor crevices.
  • Use a flashlight to help you better see them as these pests lurk in dark, isolated areas. You can also easily find their hiding place through the dark spots (dried excrement) they leave behind.
  • Dismantle bed posts as bed bugs may also be hiding them. They are especially fond of wood, so specifically check the corners and cracks if your bed is made of wood.


  • Remove, clean and vacuum personal items in the room, such as blankets, stuffed toys, etc. Store them in a plastic bag for a few days and place them directly under the sun to kill any lurking bed bugs.
  • If your mattress is infested, cover it with a mattress encasement. This will contain the bedbugs in one area and prevent them from spreading somewhere else.
  • Wash clothes and bed linens in hot water. If washing them is not possible, you may also apply heat through ironing or putting them in a dryer.
  • Dislodge bed bug eggs on infested surfaces by using a hard-bristled brush. Also make sure that cracks and holes are sealed to prevent it from harboring pests.
  • If you need to use pesticides, be sure to read the label instructions carefully. There are various types available in the market, and to effectively control bed bugs, you must select the right one for your needs.
  • Resist the urge to sleep in another room. Doing so will only encourage the spread of the infestation. Rather, create a safe area in the same bedroom where you can sleep.


  • Evaluate and check for any presence of bed bugs a week after treatment. If there are still obvious signs of infestation, go through the whole process again and opt for a re-treatment.
  • Always empty the vacuum after using it. Carefully place and seal the contents in a trash bag before throwing them away.
  • If there are infested items that have to be discarded, throw them out properly. Place a label on them that says “bug infested”, so others wont’t be tempted to bring them home and further spread the infestation.
  • Closely examine second-hand items, such as beds, beddings, and mattresses before buying them.
  • When traveling, check for any signs of bedbug infestation especially in hotel beds, couches, etc.. Also, keep your luggages off the floor as much as possible.

To succeed in controlling bed bugs from infesting your mattress, you must be thoroughly prepared to tackle it. Proper treatment and prevention ensure that these pests will not lurk in your home anymore.